This is not an original thought but it's a fantastic question worth asking.

When we approach any decision as a leader it can be easy to feel intimidated by it.

Intimidated due to the complex nature of the decision, it's not a simple decision.

Intimidated by the options available, as they include an answer which is something new and radical, and maybe means the outcomes are less certain.

Intimidated by the possible responses from those it will impact. Will they support it? Will they help to make it happen?

When we find ourselves in this situation as a leader there are many alternatives open to us but let me suggest one. It's not a new idea, but how about taking a pause, and answer this question - in this scenario, what would a great leader do?

It is a truly great question to ask. And here's why...

It stops me in my tracks.

It cause me to rise above what's happening.

It lifts the standard of my thinking.

It opposes my motives.

It makes me think about whether I am in this just for me and what I want or what is actually best for what I am leading

It causes me to confront my weaknesses.

It goes beyond my personality.

It actually helps me to behave like a leader and to lead, confidently, towards the future which is right.

So, next time you find yourself wondering what to do, just take a moment and ask yourself this question: what would a great leader do?