I enjoy talking about vision - I love hearing about new ideas, listening to people excited about new ventures and great opportunities that they are pursuing. My life as a leader and as leadership coach is all about helping people help themselves to get from where they are today, to that place where they would like to be.

One major frustration though is still talking about some people after 10 years in regards to the potential they have to be something, to achieve at a much higher level, to become a better leader, to have seen changes in their home, work, business or marriage.

Listen, I certainly don't write this as a finished article - in fact, some of my friends might put me in this 'great potential' category so I have to be careful to make sure that I am continually evaluating where I am at and whether I am moving forward, improving, changing, growing, in many of those same areas.

I like to think of this as 'THE PUSH'.

If your car battery is flat - you give it a 'PUSH' to start it.
If the team are behind they are encouraged to 'PUSH' forward.
When you get stuck, you ask for a 'PUSH'.

I need a PUSH from time to time.

One to keep me moving on stuff and not get stuck. A push to not allow the noble distractions of life become an excuse for not doing the things which are necessary to help me become what I could be. To help me in this I have made sure I have some great people around me who have permission to make comments, challenge me and ask the difficult questions I don't always want to answer - tell you what though, it works.

Vision needs a PUSH from time to time. Allow yourself and the team time to reflect, evaluate and realign. Don't be afraid to make changes where required.

I am committed to PUSH myself this next 12 months. To take new opportunities as they come. To see my home/kids/marriage grow. To play my part in building the local church I am part of and make it even better than it already is. This is a bold, accountable post, to everyone who reads it, but I must PUSH through on some stuff, get over myself and make it happen. If I don't, then in 6 months time I'll still be the same person, thinking about what I would love to become. I cannot afford to be like the majority of people and not doing anything. I would imagine that you feel the same.

What are you committing to PUSH through on this year?

Let's stay accountable to one another. And maybe I can help you keep going with some coaching or leadership development.