19 – Book


The catalyst for this book was a casual conversation with a Pastor friend, looking back on our leadership journeys and wishing we knew back then, what we know now.

I was 19 years old when a couple in the church I was attending while at University asked me to be the new leader of the Youth Group. They saw something in me that I definitely did not see in myself. Now, 28 years later I am still leading in local church and it’s my turn to look to the 19 year olds and to see the potential for leadership in them.

I wrote 19 with this in mind. The leadership journey is never straight forward. Those pivotal moments which either make you or break you. The realisation that as much as you think you are cool and know what you are doing at 19, you are not and you don’t really have a clue. The lessons learned from my own journey are what I share for all those who are starting out on their very own leadership adventure. After all, young leaders are the future and we need these young, Christian leaders to still be leading in 25 + years time, in all different spheres of life.

And to those further along, I wrote 19 as a resource to help you reflect on your own journey and to raise the young leaders in your world.

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