The 19 Project has been 25+ years of leadership in the making.

The 19 Project has come from the book '19' by Julian Clark, a leadership resource based around the idea of what someone involved in leadership for a number of years, may tell their younger selves.

The 19 Project is all about raising and resourcing young leaders. This means it is for those with a desire to grow as a leader and also for those wanting to help those leaders to grow.

For The 19 Project to work it has to be about partnership and collaboration. Leaders connecting and learning from one another. We want questions to be asked and then work together to answer them.

The 19 Project represents the heart of Julian Clark, the author of '19, who has a desire to help raise and resource the next generation of leaders.

'Someone saw something in me at the age of 19 that I did not see in myself. I stepped excited but also nervously into that leadership role. Now more than 25 years later I am still have the opportunity and privilege to be in a leadership role. My heart is to se those just starting out be able to stay on the journey for the long haul as we need them to be still leading in 25 years time'